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It is important to carefully read these Website Conditions of Sale (“Conditions of Sale”) before proceeding with the order of Products through our website (“Product / s”). Together with our privacy policy and our Terms and Conditions of use, these Conditions of Sale govern the contractual relationship with reference to this website as well as the purchase of Products made through the same site. In case of doubts concerning these Conditions of Sale, please contact us at the email address info@sancesariobijoux.it before continuing.

To accept these Terms of Sale, please check the “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions” box in the Order Confirmation section before submitting an order (“Order”). In case of non-acceptance of these Conditions of Sale, it will be impossible to place orders for Products through the SANCESARIO BIJOUX website.

These Conditions of Sale do not affect the rights recognized pursuant to the applicable mandatory provisions of the law and in particular pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 206/2006 (“Consumer Code”) and Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 (“Electronic Commerce Code”).


SANCESARIO BIJOUX is a company incorporated under Italian law, registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, with registered office in via del Forte Boccea 6A / B, 00167 Rome, company register number and VAT no. 05233060580

It is possible to contact SANCESARIO BIJOUX through the email address info@sancesariobijoux.it or at the telephone number +39 06 6621150

These Conditions of Sale, for which SANCESARIO BIJOUX is responsible, are applicable to any purchase made through the website www.sancesariobijoux.it


Residents of Italy, the European Union and outside the European Union, who are over the age of 18, can purchase through the sancesariobijoux.it website using the following link www.sancesariobijoux.it


Ours is an artisanal business, therefore each order may require further manufacturing or, in some cases, the complete realization of the items purchased. The timing of the creation of the bijoux varies according to the quantity and availability of the materials present in our laboratory. For this reason, each order will be processed immediately and can be processed within 48 hours. It will be our pleasure to contact the customer and promptly communicate the status of the order or the realization of the purchased item.

The shipment will take place by express courier and for each order SANCESARIO BIJOUX will provide a unique tracking code that will promptly communicate to the buyer, so as to be able to electronically track the status of the shipment on the website of the individual shipper.

The shipping time for Calabria, Basilicata, Sicily, Sardinia and smaller islands, or peripheral areas is approximately 48/72 hours. Actual delivery date may vary by location. Shipping will not be possible for orders with address located in the Tremiti islands or in other disadvantaged areas.

During the Christmas holidays (from 15 December to 8 January) and in the two central weeks of August, the order management times may be subject to slight delays which will be previously specified on the home page and during the conclusion of the online purchase.


** Go to the FAQ section for more details on shipping costs for each individual country.


Online Orders must be placed in the following ways:

By placing an Order, the user makes an offer to purchase the Product / s at the price indicated therein, subject to acceptance by SANCESARIO BIJOUX. Prices are checked regularly; however, in the event that SANCESARIO BIJOUX detects changes in prices or errors in indicating them, it will contact the user asking for confirmation of the intention to proceed with the purchase at the actual price. If the user confirms the purchase order, SANCESARIO BIJOUX will not have any obligations relating to the delivery of the Product until the second Order confirmation email is sent. If the user finds that he has made a mistake in placing the Order, he is kindly requested to immediately contact SANCESARIO BIJOUX through the email address ordini@sancesariobijoux.it or info@sancesariobijoux.it – ​​It is also possible to call directly at our store at +39 06 6621150 (only for customers resident in Italy)

Please report this prior to sending the second Order confirmation email by SANCESARIO BIJOUX. SANCESARIO BIJOUX is unable to correct Orders after that time, but the user is in any case guaranteed the right of withdrawal as indicated below.


The prices indicated on the sancesariobijoux.it website include VAT, if applicable. Shipping charges apply to all Orders. All payments must be made at the time of ordering the Product / s, by credit card. SANCESARIO BIJOUX only accepts payments made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Carta Si, using the Paypal, Stripe (credit card) services; the services also include the PayPal account. In the case of payment through the PayPal or Stripe platform (Credit Card), the balance will not be immediately collected by SANCESARIO BIJOUX but placed in the state of prior “authorization” until the order is processed. Only after the order has been processed, SANCESARIO BIJOUX will proceed with the crediting of the amount due. Prices are subject to change at any time, but such changes do not affect Orders already confirmed in the manner described above. In the case of payments made by credit card, the cardholders may be subject to authentication and authorization request. If the credit card issuer or our service provider refuses or for any reason does not authorize or validate the payment, in such circumstances, SANCESARIO BIJOUX will not be held responsible for delays or non-delivery with reference to the Products ordered. Your personal data will be processed by SANCESARIO BIJOUX in accordance with the privacy policy.


SANCESARIO BIJOUX, while trying to respect the terms indicated in the Delivery terms section for the delivery of the Product (s) to the address indicated, is unable to indicate an exact delivery date. In the event that the delivery of the Product (s) does not take place, for any reason including the unavailability, even temporary, of the Product (s), within 60 days of placing the Order by the user, or from another date otherwise agreed with the same, the user can withdraw from the Order and SANCESARIO BIJOUX will refund the price and any other sums already paid by the user. In the event that the courier is not at home, or in the place of delivery indicated in the order, the user reserves the right to try again to return the order the next day free of charge. In case of non-delivery due to non-presentation of the customer SANCESARIO BIJOUX will return the order to its own logistics. We also inform you that in case of delivery in condominiums, the concierge is considered to all intents and purposes as the person delegated to deliver.

Art. 63 of the Consumer Code, as amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014, establishes in paragraph I that: “In contracts that place the obligation on the professional to ship the goods, the risk of loss or damage to the goods, for reasons not attributable to the seller, is transferred to the consumer only when the latter, or a third party designated by him and different from the carrier, materially comes into possession of the goods “. The consumer becomes responsible for the fate of the goods only at the time of their delivery. The only case in which this rule does not operate is that in which the carrier has been chosen by the consumer and not proposed by the professional: in this case, the passage of the risk takes place already at the time of delivery of the goods to the carrier by the seller. and, therefore, if the good is damaged or perishes during transport, the loss will be completely absorbed by the consumer except, of course, the right of compensation against the forwarder / carrier.


In any case, the clauses of these Conditions of Sale do not imply a limitation of the rights guaranteed by law.


If you are a consumer (i.e. you are not purchasing even in part for your entrepreneurial, professional, commercial or craft activity) you have the right, in addition to your other rights recognized under the law and these Conditions of Sale, to withdraw from the contract concluded with SANCESARIO BIJOUX for the purchase of Products pursuant to these Conditions of Sale, in accordance with the provisions of art. 52 and ss. of the Consumer Code (except for customized Products or other Products for which non-returnability is expressly specified) and be reimbursed by SANCESARIO BIJOUX any sums already paid.
If you intend to withdraw, you must notify in writing and return it by post to SANCESARIO BIJOUX, Via del Forte Boccea 6A / B 00167, Rome Italy c.a. E-commerce Office, within 30 (thirty) days from the day on which the Products were delivered to you and confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the following forty-eight hours.

If you choose to withdraw you will have to return the Products at your care and expense and under your responsibility, cost and risk, unless SANCESARIO BIJOUX decides to pay the shipping costs, but in any case the responsibility for the delivery of the product to the courier until the return is collected by SANCESARIO BIJOUX staff. In this case, we invite you to ensure that the Products are properly insured during the return. You must ensure that you take reasonable custody measures for the Products. Details on exercising the right of withdrawal are provided together with the accompanying Product note.

Items must be in perfect condition and with tags intact.

Returns for online purchases, even if delivered to the store, DO NOT provide for the exchange of the goods but only the refund of the amount spent according to the payment method used. The sales staff will check the content of the order and the product you want to return and send it back to the office for the appropriate technical checks, communicating what you have declared: returned for defect or for not liked.

If you wish to purchase a new item in the store before receiving the refund you will be free to do so, but it will be a new in-store purchase no longer linked to your online purchase; since this is a new transaction, you will therefore have to pay the full amount of the new jewelry.

In the event that the payment of the Products is made by prepaid card, refunds will be made by crediting the payment to the card on which the charge was originally made.

All refunds will be made as quickly as possible and in any case within 14 (fourteen) days:

How can I return or exchange a product ordered on the site?

To return an order placed on the site, follow these simple instructions:

1. Send an email to ordini@sancesariobijoux.it, indicating: the order number you received via email and / or present in the package (essential for managing the return) and the reason for the return. If you can, also leave your phone number and a time slot in which you prefer to be contacted.

2. If you can, use the original packaging, including the jewel, packaging and a copy of the purchase document. Always make sure to attach the form you received via email to the package.

3. Send the package to the address “SANCESARIO BIJOUX, Via del Forte Boccea 6A / B 00167, Rome Italy c.a. E-commerce Office “.
Remember, you have 10 working days to request the return of a purchase from SANCESARIO BIJOUX.


When is the return accepted?

Your return will be processed within 5 working days of receipt of the goods at our central warehouse. In the event that you have made the return in the store, the practice will be taken over upon receipt of the goods at our logistics office and no later than 10 days from your delivery in the store. In some cases you will be contacted for any additional information needed.


I purchased a product on the site and I need to send it for assistance, what can I do?

For online purchases, you must only contact the dedicated assistance of the BIJOUX SANCESARIO SHOP. Send an email to ordini@sancesariobijoux.itor info@sancesariobijoux.it, specifying the type of assistance requested. You will receive all the information about it.

My warranty has expired, can I get assistance?

Naturalmente! SANCESARIO BIJOUX will send you a cost estimate in response to your request.

Repair Activities

For items still under warranty and in the appropriate terms and conditions, the repair will be at the expense of SANCESARIO BIJOUX.

In the event that the defect is not accidental, after prior evaluation of the object by SANCESARIO BIJOUX, the repair will be carried out after acceptance of the estimate.


Some Products may appear slightly larger or smaller than their actual size due to defects in the screen or photographic techniques. Other Products may be represented with larger dimensions than the real ones in order to clearly show the details, or with smaller dimensions than the real ones in order to show the entire Product.

SANCESARIO BIJOUX recommends that you print a copy of these Terms of Sale for your future information.

The contract and all communications between you and SANCESARIO BIJOUX will be in Italian or English.

The formation, existence, interpretation, execution, validity and all aspects relating to these Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law.

Competent for the settlement of any dispute with consumers deriving from, or connected with, these Conditions of Sale or use of the Site is the judge of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if located in the State. In any other case, including the circumstance in which the user is not a consumer pursuant to the applicable provisions of the law, the competence for the settlement of any dispute will be devolved exclusively to the Court of Rome.

In the event that any of the clauses of these Conditions of Sale is considered null or ineffective, it will be considered non-existent and the remaining part of these Conditions of Sale will remain valid and effective.

The delay or failure by SANCESARIO BIJOUX to exercise any faculty, right or remedy pursuant to these Conditions of Sale, does not imply a waiver of the same, nor the single or partial exercise of any of these faculties, rights or remedies. , prevents the future or different exercise of the same.


According to Article 49 paragraph 1 letter V of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code) the customer can make use of the Joint Conciliation procedure.

The Procedure can be initiated if the consumer, after submitting a complaint to the company, within 45 days, has not received a response or has received a response that is not considered satisfactory by him. The customer who decides to use the Joint Conciliation procedure is obliged to send the application to the address: conciliazione@consorzionetcomm.it or to the fax number 02/87181126. For more information, see the Netcomm site.

Pursuant to art. 14 of Regulation 524/2013, the user is informed that in the event of a dispute, he or she may submit a complaint via the ODR platform of the European Union which can be reached at the following link. The ODR platform constitutes an access point for users who wish to settle disputes arising from sales or online service contracts out of court. For more information contact us