Order tracking

Once the purchase is complete, your order will be processed. During some periods of the year (for example: Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Sales, etc) there may be delays in order processing due to high traffic (between 24 and 72 hours). As soon as the order is processed, you will receive an e-mailindicating the tracking number of your package that will be delivered via the national or international express courier.

What are the important data for shipping?

For the delivery of the orders placed, it is necessary to specify your name and the shipping and billing addresses.

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Company (optional)
  • State / Region
  • City
  • Shipping address
  • Postal code
  • Telephone number
  • Tax code and VAT number (if you wish)

What are the delivery times?

Ours is a craft business, so each order may require further manufacturing or, in some cases, the creation of the purchased items from scratch. The timing of the creation of the bijoux varies according to the quantity and availability of the materials present in our laboratory. For this reason, each order will be processed immediately and can be processed within 48 hours. It will be our pleasure to contact the customer and promptly communicate the status of the order or the realization of the purchased item.

Shipment will take place by express courier and for each order SANCESARIO BIJOUX will provide a unique tracking code that will promptly communicate to the buyer, so that the status of the shipment can be electronically tracked on the website of the individual shipper.

The shipping time for Calabria, Basilicata, Sicily, Sardinia and smaller islands, or peripheral areas is approximately 48/72 hours. Actual delivery date may vary by location. Shipping will not be possible for orders with address located in the Tremiti islands or in other disadvantaged areas.

During the Christmas holidays (from 15 December to 8 January) and in the two central weeks of August, the order management times may be subject to slight delays which will be previously specified on the home page and during the conclusion of the online purchase.

How much is shipping?

Below is the table with the current shipping costs updated to 31/12/2020

Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia
Shipping cost: € 15.00

Shipping cost: € 8.00

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden
Shipping cost: 18 €

Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary
Shipping cost: € 35.00

Shipping cost: € 22.00

Andorra, Guernsey, Åland Islands, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland
Shipping cost: € 20.00

San Marino
Shipping cost: € 7.00

United States, Canada, Alaska
Shipping cost: € 34.00

South America
Shipping cost: € 88.00

Japan, Australia, Russia
Shipping cost: € 88.00

What are the permitted payment methods?

SANCESARIO BIJOUX accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit card / prepaid debit card (VISA, VISA-ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Postepay)
  • Paypal

Can I pay cash on delivery?

No, cash on delivery is not allowed.

If the courier has passed and has not found me, how can I recover the package?

Usually each courier, if he does not find anyone at the address indicated, issues a “notice of passage”: a paper message containing the references to contact him again, to agree on a new delivery or to collect the stock directly in the relevant area branch. In any case, SANCESARIO BIJOUX communicates your telephone number to the courier.

We suggest that you contact the courier again 48 hours after the first time has passed, as if the courier does not find you at home the first time, he will come back the next day. In case of non-collection after 5 working days, your package will be sent to our logistics.

Can I receive my purchase at an address other than the billing address and at an address other than my home address (for example at my workplace)?

Of course. You can request that the order be sent to you to an address other than the billing address. Simply select the appropriate box during checkout and fill in the “shipping address” with the contact details of the place where you wish to receive the order.

Who should I contact for problems with the order?

Posso ricevere il mio acquisto a un indirizzo differente da quello di fatturazione e a un indirizzo differente dal mio domicilio (ad esempio sul posto di lavoro)? You can contact our laboratory in Rome directly at +39 06 6621150 or send an email to info@sancesariobijoux.it

What do I need to know about the product warranty?

The bijoux are covered by a guarantee of validity of TWO YEARS from the date of shipment of the product for manufacturing defects. The Guarantee consists of the purchase document of the product itself.

All products for sale on SANCESARIO BIJOUX are accompanied by a guarantee certificate that certifies the authenticity of the product purchased, with all the key features.

Warranty conditions:

1. The warranty is void in the event of improper use or tampering with the object

2. All bijoux are accompanied by a guarantee certificate and are guaranteed for 24 months

3.The warranty of the items purchased is valid for two years and is valid nationally and internationally

4. The warranty repair is a free service, if the cause is found to be accidental

5. The times of repairs under warranty vary according to the case. The timing can vary from 60 to 70 working days

Our expert craftsmen reserve the right to analyze the item in order to check whether the product has manufacturing defects or has been accidentally damaged (analysis times can run up to 30 days)

What is not covered by the warranty?

The following are strictly excluded from the guarantee: discoloration of the plating or color of the jewel (especially due to the use of perfumes or detergents) as a consequence of wear and aging of the jewelry. Interventions under warranty must be carried out by SANCESARIO BIJOUX. Any technical tampering carried out outside SANCESARIO BIJOUX will result in the termination of the Warranty.
Finally, damage or breakages caused by accidental impacts are excluded from the Guarantee, in the presence of which the Guarantee will have no effect.

Is warranty repair free?

Repair under warranty will be free once SANCESARIO BIJOUX finds that the product defect is due to accidental causes.

If I add a product to the cart, do I have to buy it?

Absolutely not. Adding a product to the cart is absolutely not binding, even if you are logged in with your personal account. To view what your cart contains, click on the relevant icon at the top right of the website and you will find all the products you have added.

Does the price of the products have VAT included?

Absolutely yes. The indicated price already includes VAT.

I cannot find a bijoux that I have seen in advertising, in a magazine, in jewelry or anything else. How can I buy it?

What you do not see on the site is not necessarily unavailable. Try to send us an email to info@sancesariobijoux.it specifying or attaching some graphic references of the model you are interested in. Otherwise you can visit our shop in Via dei Banchi old, 19 in Rome.

Why is the size and color of the metal or stone different from the image on the site?

The image of the product shown on our site represents reality as closely as possible. The uniqueness of SANCESARIO BIJOUX’s creations is that they are entirely handmade, for this reason details such as the exact color gradation of the stone or metal may vary slightly.
Some products may appear slightly larger or smaller than the actual size.
For more information send an email to info@sancesariobijoux.it

Can I customize a jewel with an engraving?

No, we don’t offer this type of service at the moment. We are sorry.

Do I need to create an account to be able to place an order?

In order to place an order it is necessary to provide, during the checkout phase, a name and a password so that it is possible to create a user for the purchase. In this way, for each subsequent purchase, just click on the “LOG IN” button and you will find all your previous orders, shipping addresses, billing addresses, etc.

How do i create an account?

You can create your account in three simple steps:

  1. During the purchase phase: fill out the form for billing information and choose a username and password.
  2. Click on the “Personal Account” link in the website footer or go to this page: https: //sancesariobijoux.test/account-personale/
  3. Check the EMAILof registration in your mailbox

I can't access my account, what can i do?

If you are unable to log into your Account, please follow the instructions below:

  • Check that the email and password you are using are the same as you chose when registering
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on the “forgot password” link and enter your e-mail address. We will immediately send you an email to create a new one.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “forgot password?” and enter your e-mail address. We will immediately send you an email to create a new one.

I haven't received the registration confirmation email, what should I do?

It is possible that you have entered the email address incorrectly and as a result we cannot deliver the registration confirmation email to your email address. Or check your spam inbox: in some cases the registration emails could end up there. In this case, please mark the email as “NOT SPAM”

How can I cancel my account?

We are sorry, but it is not possible to cancel the account yourself.
You can request cancellation by sending an email to info@sancesariobijoux.it indicating your email and personal data so that we can verify that it is a real request. We will immediately proceed with the deletion of the relevant account and all personal data stored in our archives.

Do I have to log in before or after creating my shopping cart?

You can log in at any time.

For which areas is delivery guaranteed?

Yes, delivery is guaranteed throughout the national territory (with the exception of some areas) and internationally.

How will the safety regulations be respected during delivery?

The courier responsible for delivery will respect the safety distance by wearing safety devices such as a mask and gloves. Following the decree issued by the Government regarding the COVID-19 emergency and above all to protect your health and that of our collaborators, we recommend that you keep a safety distance of 1 meter.

Use the right precautions to limit contact. According to the 10 rules of the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Health, we recommend that you wash your hands often with soaps or alcoholic solutions to reduce the risk of infection. Especially after picking up your order.

How will the hygienic safety standards for the products inside the package be guaranteed?

Our bijoux are wrapped and packed in protective bags both to preserve the transport in safety, and to preserve them from further contact with our staff. The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization confirm that it is safe to receive the packages.

NOTE: The openings of our stores follow the indications contained in the latest decree.