The history of our artisan workshop


Our artisan workshop was born in Rome in 1981 and is immediately characterized by the production of bijoux of ancient inspiration where tradition, recovery of the past and experimentation of the new overlap and merge in the light of our years.

All our bijoux are made entirely by hand in a limited number of pieces. The search for the elegance of details and the study of forms characterize the productions as small works of art. From the materials chosen, to the creation of a jewel, the path often draws on the goldsmith’s art and sometimes it all leads to the unique and unrepeatable specimen.

A fascinating and dynamic kaleidoscope of materials and colors, from corals to filigree, from Venetian glass to Swarovski crystals, from pearls to metals in a river of new ideas.

Sancesario Bijoux represents the state of the art of Italian high craftsmanship.

The Production

All of our bijoux are entirely made by hand and in a limited number of pieces. The search for elegance in the details and the study of the shapes make our productions small artworks. From the materials chosen to the creation of the jewel, the path draws on the goldsmith’s art leading to the creation of a unique and unrepeatable example.


Our bijoux are usually available in our laboratory and ready for sale. If a piece is out of stock or a particular customization is required, it will still be possible to recreate it with waiting times that vary according to the availability of materials. In order to request a custom production, please contact us using the “Send a message” button on this page or drop us a mail at

Nickel Free

All our bijoux are made without the use of Nickel and therefore do not cause any contact allergy.

Gold / Silver Plating

This bijoux is gold plated with a dipping and thickness technique. The subsequent “burnishing” phase ensures that the plating does not wear out over time and always remains stable. The final vitrification process finally fixes the gold sheet making it practically immune from any alteration over time.

Care and maintenance

Wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth after every use.
Always store your jewellery in a flat box to avoid accidental scratches.
Keep sprays and perfumes away from your jewellery.